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“That’s sickening”: Neil Mitchell slams state government for using flu deaths to talk politics

Neil Mitchell has slammed the Victorian Labor government for using the deaths of thirteen people from the flu as an opportunity to criticise the federal government.

A Minister for Health press release this morning urging Victorians to get vaccinated against the flu said:

The Andrews Labor Government has ordered record quantities of the flu vaccine and is once again protecting Victoria’s littlest children from the deadly disease because Scott Morrison and the Federal Liberals won’t.”

The press release continued on to say:

“You can’t trust the Liberals when it comes to health. They spent six years cutting hospital funding and are now trying to ram through a dud national funding agreement that would see $2.1 billion cut from Victorian hospitals – putting nurses, doctors and patients last.

“I find it atrocious that the Andrews Labor government has used this as an opportunity to talk politics. You’ve got thirteen people dead,” Neil said.

“To be using the deaths of thirteen people, and a legitimate health warning… to play politics.

“That’s sickening. It’s an immoral act by this government.”