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The Alfred hospital: The inspiring story of Toni Carroll

This year a young Frankston couple faced every person’s worst nightmare.

Toni found herself on the brink of death after being diagnosed with heart failure and Stage Four Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Ms Carroll and her long term partner Jesse Walsh have two young daughters Amelia, 3, and Madisyn, just eight months.

On life support, Toni told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell, time after time she faced death and her family were repeatedly told to be ready.

But the Alfred’s doctors and nurses helped saved her life.

“I didn’t think I was that sick when I went into hospital,” said Ms Carroll.

Hooked up to a type of heart line bypass machine, her heart was not working well and she faced yet another life threatening surgery.

On the day of surgery the Alfred’s doctors made a longtime wish come true and helped organise the couple’s wedding at the hospital chapel.

“Toni was as sick as they get,” Intensive Care Consultant, Dr Dashiell Gantner told 3AW.

“She had a period of time where her heart actually stopped.

“There was a reasonable chance that she wouldn’t get off the life support.”

Now, less than a year on several world firsts in her treatment, she survived and is thriving.

“Doing much better, my heart is working much better and I feel healthier,” said Toni.

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