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‘The apple never falls far from the tree’: Plan to fine parents if child is a bully

Adults would be fined $500 under a plan to punish the parents of children who are bullies at school, an idea advocated by the founder of a prominent anti-bullying foundation.

The idea began in the US state of Pennsylvania, where they are currently considering a law which would hold parents personally accountable for their kids’ bullying.

Moreland City Councillor, founder of the Bully Zero Foundation and school teacher with decades experience, Oscar Yildiz, says it’s a great idea.

“We know that the apple never falls far from the tree,” Cr Yildiz said.

“For far too long parents have wiped their hands of this.

“I’ve taught for more than 20 years, teachers, we’re not psychologists, we’re there to teach subject matter.”

“I think $500 is not a big ask especially if the child is repeatedly behaving poorly.”

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“I think the time has come for parents to take some responsibility for their children’s actions,” he added.