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The “Art of Safe Sexting” teaching kids how to safely send ‘sexy’ photos

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A free resource for Victorian school teachers has been met with backlash from parents, cyber safety experts and shadow government ministers.

As reported in the Herald Sun, schoolgirls as young as 12 will be taught how to safely send “sexy snaps” via texts and social media via an online educational tool being recommended for use in classrooms.

“If you still want to send a pic, try to crop out any detail that makes it obvious that it’s you, so leave out your face, a favourite necklace or tattoos,” a woman’s voice says in the video.

“So if you need to, you can deny that the image is of you.”

Ally Oliver-Perham, co-founder of the ‘Rosie’ website, which published the “Art of Safe Sexting” video told Tony Jones pretending kids are not exposed to this material is ‘naive’.

“Telling kids to simply not do it, simply makes it more tantalising,” Ms Oliver-Perham said.

“We wanted to provide young people with all the facts so they could make smart, informed choices.

“We’re not encouraging or advocating, it’s a harm minimisation approach.”

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Tony Jones unequivocally opposed the idea.

“It should be a taboo topic,” he said.

“I would rather have a video saying ‘do not do it under any circumstances and here are the reasons why’.

“There will be people out there who’ll applaud you but I’m not one of them.”

Former Victoria Police “cyber cop” Susan McLean told 3AW Mornings the video is “flaky at best”.

“But ignoring it doesn’t work,” she said.

“It is happening among younger people but we must equip them with reality, like you said, with the long-term ramifications and the legalities.”

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