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The battle for Frankston: Ex-drug cop Michael Lamb pitches his case

Frankston, for better or worse, has always attracted more than its fair share of attention.

But you can expect the spotlight to shine even brighter on the peninsula suburb in coming months as both major parties scrap over one of the state’s most marginal seats ahead of November’s state election.

It’s Labor’s most marginal seat. There were about 336 votes in it last time around.
In fact, the Liberal candidate got 300 more votes, but preference flow gave it to Labor.
We’ve invited the local MP Paul Edbrooke in for an interview, but he’s not able to do it.
I don’t have a clear explanation for why not. I really hope there’s no gag order in place.
And I hope it’s nothing to do with his mates in the UFU advising him against it.

In lieu of the serving member, Neil Mitchell was this morning joined in the studio by the Liberals’ candidate for the job, former drug detective Michael Lamb (pictured above with Malcolm Turnbull).

“I want to make Victoria safer,” he said.

“I can’t get involved where I need to be involved if I’m a police officer, to influence and make it safer.”

He also wants to change how people think about Frankston.

“We suffer from, in my view, an unfair image problem,” he told Neil.

“It’s about not enough positive stories coming out of Frankston.

“That’s why I’ll form a committee of good character. A lot of bad character is being pitched out there.”

Click PLAY for Michael Lamb’s wide-ranging interview with Neil Mitchell, including what he considers Frankston’s gang problem