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The big question Neil Mitchell has after seeing the leaked video boasting of hotel quarantine success

A leaked in-house video featuring the bureaucrats in charge of the bungled hotel quarantine operation congratulating themselves for their handling of the situation has emerged this morning.

In the video, leaked to the Herald Sun, staff from Global Victoria, the agency in charge of overseas trade missions, boast of their successful handling of quarantine.

In the footage, produced in late April, Global Victoria chief Gonul Serbest says she’s “really proud of the work” done by the agency.

Neil Mitchell says there’s one very big question raised by the video, which needs to be answered urgently.

“Who the hell put them in charge?,” the 3AW Mornings host asked.

“Nobody is talking about infection control, it’s all about delivering food … These public servants are used to being in charge of junkets, of promotional conferences.

“Suddenly they were running a life and death process!

“There’s more to it as well: nobody mentions security. Were these people responsible for it?

“Did anybody have the faintest clue about infection control? … and who made the decision to put this lot in charge?

“You didn’t do well, guys. Somewhere, somehow, someone stuffed up really badly.”

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