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Foreman Keith says Jesse is the most difficult contestant EVER on The Block

The Block foreman Keith Schleiger joined Denis Walter and Scott Ellis in studio.

He revealed that this season on The Block he has come across the hardest contestant he’s ever had to deal with — St Kilda real estate agent, Jesse.

“He was motivated to upset everybody,” Keith said.

“I didn’t really know how to take him and he wouldn’t really give me reason to go off, he would just stir me up nicely.

“I absorbed all of his little remarks, and then I finally cracked.”

Scott, who was a producer on the show, said Jesse did warn he would “poke the bear”.

“Poking the bear? He was stabbing the bear. He wasn’t poking me, he was driving a driver through my head. He was just relentless in cheek, it happened every time we did a scene,” Keith said.

“I was as patient as I could be.

“Even though we had issues I actually like him. I really do.”

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