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The businesses looking for workers amid coronavirus layoffs

While COVID-19 has decimated the hospitality and tourism industries, it’s not all bad news.

Some sectors are hiring more staff because of the virus pandemic.

Head of Corporate Affairs & Government Relations at SEEK, Sarah Macartney, said the sectors experiencing job growth are “quite random”.

Supermarkets and food suppliers, delivery services, and even parts of the IT sector are experiencing job growth.

“We’ve got supermarkets and food suppliers who are working around the clock and they require people to manage stock on the shelves, to do the warehousing management, to do delivery and supply chain work,” Ms Macartney told 3AW’s Tom Elliott.

“We’ve also then got a lot of online food and grocery delivery organisations who are now ramping up as people are requesting their food to be delivered to their front door.

“We’re also seeing businesses having to adapt their business models, so where they were traditionally delivering things through a bricks and mortar store they’re now exploring the online and digital models.

“Businesses are now starting to invest more in the likes of cyber security, and digital software, and technology specialists.”

Telstra is hiring temporary workers as it brings its call centres on shore during the pandemic, while fruit picking jobs are also available as the supply of overseas labourers dries up.

But the new jobs created by the coronavirus pandemic are sadly not enough to make up for those lost due to the virus.

Almost 18,000 retail and tourism workers lost their jobs this morning alone.

It comes after a huge portion of the hospitality was laid off earlier this week.

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