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The businesses that are booming despite the coronavirus downturn

Our economy is suffering amid the coronavirus pandemic, but not all industries are feeling the pain.

Some businesses are booming!

Ross, John and Kate put the call out to 3AW Breakfast listeners this morning to see what businesses are doing a roaring trade in these strange times.

Here’s what’s booming:

  • Bespoke backdropsTo hide mess from your colleagues during video calls.
  • Sewing machine sales and repairs
  • Bread and pastry suppliersThey say they “can’t keep up” with demand.
  • Medical supply manufacturers
  • Pantry label printersCharlie says everyone has become more houseproud!
  • Booze companies
  • Office suppliers
  • Accountants Those who’ve lost their jobs and haven’t done last year’s tax return are rushing to do it so they get a refund
  • Cardboard box manufacturersOne told us demand is up by 30 per cent amid the online shopping boom!
  • Sign language translators
  • Heating businessesA gas log fire and wood heater supplier told us trade is up by 100 per cent!
  • Plumbers
  • Anyone selling exercise gear
  • Bike shops

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