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The carnival’s definitely over: Police stunned by just how many rules this company got wrong

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Police were left stunned by a carnival ride operator flouting the road rules across several vehicles.

Seven vehicles carrying carnival rides were found to be either unroadworthy, unregistered or displaying incorrect number plates earlier this week in Alexandra.

Both the truck and trailer were grounded due to major vehicle defects including, a rusted and cracked coupling between the truck and trailer, no operating rear lights and bald tyres.

The 24-year-old learner driver, who was driving unaccompanied, is expected to be charged on summons in relation to the matter.

The second truck, which was also unregistered and displaying incorrect number plates, was pulled over on Perkins Street just after 12.30pm.

Acting Sergeant Paul Lineham told Ross and John the brazen flouting of road rules raises major concerns about the safety at the events the carnival ride operators were working at.

“We felt that if the driver’s of these vehicles didn’t care enough about their own vehicles’ roadworthiness, what sort of maintenance were they conducting?” he said.

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The driver received three infringements notices for use unregistered motor vehicle $793, use unregistered trailer $159, use number plate not issued to vehicle driven, valued at $317.

Police then attended at the carnival in Bayley Street and found a further five unregistered and unroadworthy vehicles.

One of the vehicles had been unregistered for four years.

The Heavy Vehicle Unit removed the number plates from the vehicles and trailers with cancelled registrations.

A spokesperson for the carnival ride company said, “we were only here as a favour to the truck show, we won’t be coming back next year.”

Police have made contact with WorkSafe.