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The Chief Health Officer answers dozens of your COVID-19 questions

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer answered a raft of COVID-19 questions with Neil Mitchell on Tuesday.

Professor Brett Sutton spoke at length with 3AW Mornings.

He said he’d endeavour to clarify whether people who visit a single person’s “bubble” from next Sunday will need to wear a mask inside.

Professor Sutton said he’s looking into it.

“I’m not sure about the practicality or feasibility of that,” he said.

He also dismissed any suggestion of tension in his relationship with the Premier.

“We’ve worked very well together,” Professor Sutton said.

He said the coronavirus was “stubborn” but he was optimistic about how Victoria’s numbers were trending.

“I know that we can do this and I know we are on the right track,” he said.

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(Photo by Daniel Pockett / Getty Images)