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The China ‘conflict’ Paul Keating has you ‘need to be aware of’

Neil Mitchell says Paul Keating has a clear conflict of interest when it comes to China.

The former Prime Minister grabbed attention at the weekend when he said Australia’s security agencies were full of “nutters” who’d become too paranoid about China.

He says the agencies need a “clean out”.

“I don’t doubt Paul Keating believes it, I don’t doubt he’s passionate, but there’s a conflict here you’ve got to understand,” Neil Mitchell explained on Monday morning.

“The current website of the China Development Bank lists Paul Keating as a member of their international advisory board.

“The China Development Bank – a state-owned bank, so you’ve got a bank owned by a communist regime – he’s on the international advisory board and is saying this.

“I don’t doubt he believes it.

“But when you hear him trashing our security agents and talking up China, be aware of that.”

He said the comments demanded a response from Bill Shorten and whether he supported the Labor legend’s view.

Mr Shorten has since rejected Mr Keating’s claims, saying a Labor government would continue to back those keeping Australians safe.

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