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‘Bitching, sniping and scoring points’: Neil Mitchell slams political response to bushfires

Neil Mitchell has hit out at the political circus surrounding the bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland.

“The circus around these bushfires is obscene,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“The real people are standing together, the politicians are bitching and sniping and scoring points.

“People are in danger!

“We deserve better from both sides. From all of them.

“I’m so frustrated with these people.”

Neil Mitchell criticised figures on both sides for politicising the disaster.

Yesterday, Greens senator Jordon Steele-John labelled the government as “a bunch of arsonists”.

“People have died, houses have gone, lives are ruined and he accuses the government of killing people. That is obscene!,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“Senator Jordon Steele-John should be publicly carpeted by his leader, Richard Di Natale.”

Neil also weighed in on National Party MP Barnaby Joyce’s comment that two people who died in the bushfires “most likely” voted for the Greens.

“That’s an overwhelmingly stupid thing to say,” he said.

“Barnaby Joyce should never get another senior position in his party.

The 3AW Mornings host commended the Prime Minister for telling politicians to calm the circus, but said it isn’t enough.

“Scott Morrison has said to everybody ‘calm down, come back a couple of notches’, but at the same time there’s a lot of them getting out there looking for a photo opportunity. Not helping,” he said.

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Image: (background) Peter Parks