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The common but subtle COVID-19 symptoms you should take notice of

A new study has revealed the sudden loss of smell or taste are among the most common signs of COVID-19, but many people with the symptoms are delaying testing.

Monash University research found while many people wait until they have a cough or fever to be tested, those who experience a loss of smell or taste in the absence of other symptoms should also be tested immediately.

Emergency physician at Monash University and the Alfred, Associate Professor Gerard O’Reilly, said anyone in doubt should be tested.

“Initially it may be assumed to be related to a stuffy nose ,or a runny nose … and that it might pass,” he told Ross and Russel.

“If you’re sitting around thinking ‘I’ve only got a loss of smell or a loss of taste and I’m waiting for fever or shortness of breath’ … you’re waiting too long.

“The absence of it doesn’t rule it out, but if you’ve got it you should be concerned.”

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