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The court case that might make Uber ‘itchy in the underpants’

Thousands of taxi drivers are joining forces to hit Uber with one of the biggest class actions Australia has seen.

More than 6000 cab drivers and hire car operators across the nation have signed on to press for damages against the ride sharing giant.

Maurice Blackburn is representing the drivers and is expected to lodge a statement of claim in court today.

The Herald Sun reports the payout could reach as high as $1 billion, and more drivers will be able to join the claim as it progresses.

Uber Australia last year made a gross profit of $785 million, and paid $8.5 million tax.

“I reckon at Uber HQ, they’ll be a little itchy in the underpants about this,” former lawyer Ross Stevenson said on 3AW Breakfast.

“The $1 billion will be neither here nor there to them, but it will be the potential domino affect (worldwide).”

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