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The COVID-19 number an expert says Victoria must sustain for five days before easing lockdown

A health expert is calling on the state government to publicly announce COVID-19 case targets to work towards, so Victorians know what must be achieved in order for restrictions to ease.

Health Program Director at the Grattan Institute, Dr Stephen Duckett, says Victoria should sustain a figure of 20 or fewer cases per day for five days before COVID-19 rules are eased.

He thinks we could reach that target fairly soon.

“I reckon we’ll be under 20 in a couple of weeks,” Dr Duckett told Ross and Russel.

But Dr Duckett says the state government needs to communicate COVID-19 goals to motivate the public.

“We need to actually be getting the public on side and saying ‘We can see the end of this and this is how we define what the end of this means’,” he said.

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