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The ‘crucial’ change Neil Mitchell says is the key to Victoria overcoming COVID-19

Victoria is a long way from overcoming the coronavirus crisis, with the state recording the highest daily figure yet on Wednesday.

Neil Mitchell says the rest of Australia is fed up with Victoria, and the state government needs to change its approach.

“Today, in this critical situation … not one member of the government, not one member of the health team is available to tell you direct, here, what is happening and what you need to do,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“In this situation it is crucial to take the people with you, to tell them the truth, to trust them, to convince them to do the right thing.

“If you accept the Premier’s figures … you’ve got as many as half a million people breaking the rules.

“Don’t threaten them and push them, convince them!”

Neil Mitchell says a clear, consistent campaign communicating what Victorians can do to help curb the spread of COVID-19 is essential, but our leaders are wasting time shifting blame.

“I’m sick of the government looking to blame everybody but itself,” he said.

“First it was families, then it was business, yesterday it was people being tested and not isolating. All of that may be true but it’s diverting attention from a broader problem.

“If Daniel Andrews is going to blame everybody else he’s got to take some responsibility and provide some ideas.”

“We need the campaign … to tell you to wear a mask, to tell you to social distance, to tell you to stay home … to encourage you to do it.”

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RMIT marketing expert, Associate Professor Con Stavros, agrees.

“What really is needed to motivate people is a solution, a strategy here,” he said.

“That hasn’t been sold to the Australian public in general. All we’ve heard about is bickering on state borders.

“We’ve got to tell people what they need to do. First it was flatten the curve … we flattened the curve and now I’m not quite sure what the goal is.

“There has to be one clear message.”

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