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The curious case of a Nationals heavyweight’s 294 days in Manila

It’s been revealed Nationals MP George Christensen spent 294 days in the Philippines during a four-year period.

The Herald Sun reports he spent 72 days in the country in 2016 and 2017, outstripping the time he spent sitting in parliament during that time.

He announced his engagement to a Phillipino woman in September last year.

Ross: What place would you go back to 28 times?
Burnso: Not Manila.

The revelations have prompted criticism about Mr Christensen connection with the community he represents in the Division of Dawson, Queensland.

Journalist Rob Harris told Ross and John the Nationals heavyweight didn’t take kindly to being questioned about the time spent abroad.

“He basically came back to us saying it’s fake news, a smear campaign, but also that he’s never spent a cent of public money on his private trips.”

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