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The ‘disturbing’ statistics that reveal Australians aren’t following COVID-19 health advice

New data has revealed many Australians are pushing the boundaries when it comes to COVID-19.

The most recent results from the COVID-19 Responses to Understand Behaviour project found almost three quarters of Australians who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 aren’t getting tested.

More than a third of respondents are spending time in public with cold or flu-type symptoms, while almost one in five attended work with symptoms.

Research fellow at Behaviour Works Australia, which conducted the research, Dr Peter Slattery, said there is “a lot that’s disturbing” about the findings.

“Only 27 per cent of people with symptoms getting tested, that is very low,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“18 per cent of people going to work with symptoms, that’s probably the most worrying to me.”

Dr Slattery said the data shows public health messaging is not getting through to Australians.

“People are saying ‘it applies to everyone else but maybe not to me’,” he said.

The research found most Australians are complying with COVID-19 restrictions, with 81 per cent of people reporting they always follow the regulations.

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