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Flossy gives birth to pup set to help family grieving after Eastern Freeway tragedy

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A border collie named Flossy has just given birth to a pup which will bring some much needed joy to a grieving family.

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One of Flossy’s 11 pups be gifted to Alex Prestney, the brother of Constable Josh Prestney, who was killed in the Eastern Freeway tragedy.

On Tuesday, Police Legacy put a call out to anyone who had a border collie puppy for Alex Prestney, who is also a police officer.

When Police Legacy CEO Lex Man spoke to Neil Mitchell, Emma heard the call out and answered it.

“I’m married to a copper and my darling sister breeds border collies,” Emma said.

“We’ve got a border collie that has helped up with grief and my husband getting over PTSD.

“I’d love to help out if I can.”

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Emma’s sister, Melinda, who breeds border collies, called Neil Mitchell a few hours later with some exciting news.

Flossy has gone into labour.

“We should have some pups in the next 24 hours!,” she said.

“I believe there’s at least nine or 10 in there, just from the way she’s looking!”



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