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The fashion trend Tom Elliott says doesn’t belong in the workplace

Tom Elliott has noticed a trend among some of his younger male colleagues… and he doesn’t like it.

“It’s probably a sign of old age, but I do find some of the fashion trends amongst my younger colleagues a bit odd,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“This one has been around for a while; it involves young men wearing pants that are too short, or rolling them up deliberately and showing off their ankles.

“You see it at the races, you now see it in the workplace.

“Apparently it’s called ‘mankles’ — man ankles — and I think it’s wrong.”

Melissa Singer, fashion and lifestyle editor at The Age, said the trend has a place, but that place isn’t necessarily the office.

“In certain situations I am a fan of the look. I think with a polo, for example.

“I don’t think that in a formal corporate setting it’s appropriate … but it also comes down to which workplace.”

But Ms Singer said the look doesn’t work with all pants.

Melissa Singer’s rules for ‘mankles’:

  • Wear the look with cotton chinos or linen pants.
  • Don’t go sockless with formal woolen tailored trousers.
  • Don’t wear pants that are too baggy.
  • Don’t go completely sockless, wear sockettes hidden inside the shoe.