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The Finance Guru: Parents are cracking down on who their children marry

3AW’s finance expert says the parents of the bride are more interested in their partner’s success than anything else.

The Finance Guru, Scott Haywood,  says a recent survey shows the average cost of a Victorian wedding is $66,000.

He tells Tom Elliott parents of the bride are more interested in the job prospects and income from the groom.

“The older generation who have daughters are now starting to make decisions on the daughter’s behalf,” said Scott.

“Based on who they going to allow to spend $60,000 on a wedding and support them long term.”

Tom Elliott shared some advice for younger women…

“Marry money. Marry money, because looks do not last. 

But money can give you a much easier life.”

“I never realised you were such a romantic, Tom!” said Scott.

Tom Elliott suggests presenting a few payslips and a superannuation statement to your partner’s parents before the wedding, that may just do the trick!

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