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The great Aussie rip-off? No cheap flights left for footy fans

Some die-hard footy fans heading to Western Australia this weekend are facing exorbitant airfares to get back home.

3AW Mornings host Tony Jones questioned whether it was the ‘great Aussie rip-off’ as some economy flights back home to Melbourne were advertised from $800-$2000.

Consumer affairs advocate Christopher Zinn said while airlines were bound by strict margins and schedules, fans should keep an eye on flights.

‘From what I have been able to gather so far, it’s not that they’ve put the prices up, it’s just that the cheaper seats have gone,’ he said.

‘There must be some capacity for the airlines to provide extra seats.

‘I would start off going online, I would be doing it every hour through the day, these things can change very quickly. Often there are some seats available and bang they are all gone.

Mr Zinn suggested looking into a chartered plane.

LISTEN: Consumer affairs advocate Christopher Zinn on 3AW Mornings

Fremantle will take on Hawthorn on Friday night, while West Coast will play North Melbourne on Saturday.

President of the Kangaroos cheer squad, Annette Scott, is flying over with her daughter for $800 each, return.

She told Nick McCallum on 3AW Drive the airlines were being exploitative. 

‘As you watch the figures, they are up and down every day,’ she said.

Hawthorn cheer squad member Ollie Howe said he was ‘pumped’ for the game but said the prices to get there were crazy.

‘I had another look today, it’s almost getting up to $1800 if you want to get there in time for the game,’ he said.

‘Anything for the brown and gold.’