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The idea for a new slogan for road safety in Victoria

An idea for a new road safety slogan has been proposed to get the message to Victorian drivers to slow down and be safe on the road.

In an annual report released yesterday, Road Safety Camera Commissioner John Voyage suggested ‘Your car is not your friend’.

He told Neil Mitchell speed remains the biggest road safety issue on the road, and there was a lack of recognition from drivers about the risks involved.

“If you’re engaging in high risk behaviour, and you get involved in a collision, you might be off to hospital but nobody is going to visit your car and the car yard when it’s in there,” he said.

“It’s not a human being, it’s a machine, and it’s a machine that has dangers associated with it.

“I enjoy driving the car, I enjoy driving safely.

“It’s not my function as a driver to disregard safe practices.”

Neil questioned whether it works to get the message across.

“I don’t think cars are the problem, it’s the idiots driving them,” he said.

3AW Mornings callers had their own views on the idea.

Rosemary called in to tell Neil about her “best friends”.

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