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The idea to honour the fallen Eastern Freeway heroes

A week after four police were tragically killed in the line of duty, a 3AW Mornings listener came up with an idea to honour the fallen heroes.

Bill suggested naming bridges after Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, Senior Constable Kevin King, Constable Glen Humphris and Constable Joshua Prestney.

The father of another police officer who was killed in the line of duty phoned in to tell Neil a bridge had named after his son, and he loved the idea.

At the time, it was too soon after the tragedy to seriously consider the day, but now, more than a month on from the horrific day, Neil Mitchell is campaigning for a permanent memorial for the four police killed.

Secretary of the Police Association, Wayne Gatt, supported the creation of a memorial to remember the fallen.

“I think ideas like that are really, really touching gestures,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“I’m sure that sort of thing would be very welcomed by most, if not all, police officers, and indeed the families of those fallen members.

“Given the size of this tragedy, I wouldn’t be surprised if people said it was an appropriate or a touching thing.”

Fiona emailed Neil Mitchell with another idea to honour the fallen. She wants four pillars, lit up in blue, to be erected to signify the four fallen police — who were pillars of the Victorian community.

If you’ve got another idea about how Victoria can honour the four fallen police, Neil wants to hear it! Email your idea to!

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