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The Ideas Factory: A panel to oversee the politicians

Politicians promise a bunch of sweeteners during election campaigns but what happens if they don’t keep their word?

Well, nothing really. 

But a leading legal figure in Australia says he has had enough, and governments and politicians should be held to account. 

Joining Neil Mitchell on 3AW Mornings for the Ideas Factory, David Galbally QC put forward his idea.

Mr Galbally said Australian state and federal governments had repeatedly failed to deliver on their promises.

‘We’ve seen nothing done on infrastructure done in this state for at least 25 years and we’re hearing the same promises.’

‘I think we should have a panel. A panel of 12 people with a chair with no vote and no say. 

‘That panel would assess on the promises that a government makes as to whether or not it should serve its full term out. 

‘And if after a period, for instance, of 18 months the government has failed to implement what it has said or some of what it has said it would do, an election would be triggered.

‘Now I know it’s costly…but you tell me how costly it is going to be for this state to upgrade its infrastructure after 30 or 40 years of total inaction?’

LISTEN: David Galbally QC explains his radical ideas to keep the pollies honest