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The illegal question Tom Elliott asked a candidate in a job interview

Should employers be able to ask job seekers their age?

Or if they are married?

Employment website Seek has conducted research into questions in job interviews, finding most illegal questioning focused on age or marital status.

Tom Elliott told Kathleen McCudden, SEEK human resources director, about a personal story of working in finance a few years ago, and asking how old a candidate was.

Tom said he wanted to know purely so he could ascertain whether the man worked through the global financial crisis.

“It is an illegal question,” Kathleen replied.

“here are a number around people’s attributes, their marital status, their religious background, which are deemed to be illegal because we are concerned about people being discriminated against.

“I would probably suggest you ask some broader questions, not relating to age, that would help you ascertain if that person had some experience in that environment.”

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