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The inaugural Victorian Youth Summit marks the start of National Youth Week.

The inaugural Victorian Youth Summit has been held at the MCG marking the start of National Youth Week.

The summit aims to give young people aged 12 to 25 years of age the opportunity to discuss the issues and ideas that matter to them.

Amanda Gailiss, Youth Governor of Victoria, told Tom Elliott, over 400 young people attended the summit to discuss key topics.

Here’s a snapshot of the outcomes:

Employment: Minimum wage, employment conditions and creating more employment opportunities in rural and regional areas.

‘There was a young person advocating for lowering the driving age to 17, because a lot of people at that age can work but it can be difficult for them to get to their jobs’.

Mental Health: Having mental health services available in all schools. 

‘Having someone like a counsellor, a social worker, a psychologist or a psychiatrist in each school’.

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