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The incredible story of a worldwide search for the owner of a journal penned by a Melbourne teen

Ross and John

The remarkable story of the global search for the teenage owner of a diary found in walls of a home in southern England has ended up on 3AW Breakfast this morning!

Hertfordshire local Victoria Thompson discovered the diary and contacted the Leader newspaper in the hopes of tracking down its rightful owner.

The author of the diary was a teenager, Diana Joy Davis.

It was penned in 1973 and was an insight into Diana’s day to day life.

From the entries it was discovered she lived in Heidleberg West.

Ross and John were fascinated with the story, and how the diary ended up across the other side of the world.

“The name of the girl was Diana Joy Davis and it describes her friendship with Kim Benbow,” Ross explained.

Low and behold, 3AW Breakfast managed to track down a shocked Kim Benbow, who revealed she’s still friendly with Diana.

“What a great story!” Kim said.

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Image: Rosmarie Wirz

Ross and John