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The industries that will lead Australia out of the COVID-19 recession

Australia’s peak business lobby group is calling on the federal government to identify industries which will lead the country out of the COVID-19 recession, and equip them to do so.

Under the proposal, the Business Council of Australia is urging the government to nurture Australia’s most valuable sectors.

Business Council of Australia chief executive, Jennifer Westacott, says the industries focused on should be a mix of what we already do well, and growth industries.

“We’ve got to pull out all stops to make sure the stuff we’re really good at, that people want to buy — agricultural, mining resources, education — that we get out of the way, get rid of the red tape, make it easier to do business,” she told Ross and Russel.

“Then, boost our efforts in new areas, where there’s going to be new growth opportunities like defence, like space technology, like advanced manufacturing.”

Ms Westacott said a carefully crafted economic plan is crucial to Australia’s recovery.

“We’ve got to get more than a million people back into a job,” she said.

“We’ve got to make sure we stay ahead of the game. I think we’ve got a huge opportunity.”

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