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The ‘issues’ with police DNA from online genetic databases in criminal cases

Privacy experts are raising concerns as police turn to genealogy websites to catch potential criminals.

Fairfax media reports says it received requests for 34 DNA samples from police as part of criminal investigations last year, related to cases in the US and Europe.

Police in the US used a genealogy website to find the alleged Golden Gate Killer.

But David Vaile, the chair of the Australian Privacy Foundation, said there were a number of issues including what offences and criminal investigations it could be used for.

“The most interesting thing that comes out of this is that it’s not just you, it’s potentially your family,” he told Tony Jones on 3AW Mornings.

“Genetic information is one of the most sensitive sorts of personal information and it’s sort of on steroids because it potentially has implications for everybody
within your bloodline if you like.”

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