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The jobs a tech futurist says are at greatest risk of automation

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BHP has announced plans to introduce autonomous trucks at the Goonyella Riverside coal mine in Queensland.

The first fleet of 86 robot trucks will be rolled out next year.

Futurist Steve Sammartino said he’s surprised the automation didn’t happen sooner.

“I’m actually surprised that it took so long, because the technology has been at a level where you can automate in environments which are quite static, like a mine,” he said.

Mr Sammartino said there will likely be more job automation in the near future.

“I think what we’ll probably likely see is robot trams. I think bus route are one that we’ll also see become robotic.

“Those are the areas where we’ll see autonomy come in first.

“The AI trains on the environment, and if it’s the same environment again, and again, and again, it makes it far easier to have a success rate for the artificial intelligence to understand how to drive there.”

Jobs most at risk of automation, according to Mr Sammartino:

  • Forklift drivers
  • Truck drivers on certain highways
  • Bus drivers
  • Tram drivers

Image: Sompong Rattanakunchon

3aw drive