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The jobs that a futurist says will boom after the coronavirus pandemic

With 600,000 people losing their jobs in April alone, many have been forced to rethink their career trajectories.

More than three million Australians are planning a post-pandemic career change, according to new ING Future Focus research.

Futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson said the pandemic is driving technological change, and new jobs will emerge as a result of that fast transformation.

“What it’s done is it had compressed 10 years worth … of digital transformation really into a few months,” he told 3AW’s Dee Dee.

“We all need to boost our digital literacy skills.”

Already, 28 per cent of Australians are upskilling or learning new skills during the coronavirus shutdown.

Mr Sorman-Nilsson said while many industries have been decimated by COVID-19, it’s not all bad news.

He predicts new technology focussed roles will emerge sooner than they otherwise would have, as a result of the pandemic.

Jobs that will be increasingly in demand post-pandemic:

  • Medical storyteller
  • Agricultural technologist
  • Cyber security expert

“These are all jobs within industries that will be on the rise during this digital transformation,” Mr Sorman-Nilsson said.

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