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The latest Apple iPhone 7 hits the shelves


The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus have hit the shelves, but many missed out due to low stock.

Consumers across the country are devastated at the lack of supply, Apple stores ran out of the iPhone 7 plus very early this morning and many customers were turned away.


When snatching up the latest mobile phone, people often forget about the little stores. The Apple store, of course, is one place you can go, but be sure to check out the queue at your phone carrier’s store, like I did, next time.

For some people, lining up for a new phone is the equivalent of lining up for grand final tickets.

It’s obvious people have different interests, and I can tell you now… I won’t be lining up for grand final tickets. 

Two women listening to music through ancient pair of headphones in the 1920s.

Two women listening to music through ancient pair of headphones in the 1920s. Photo: Getty Images

Many people complained about the headphone jack, or lack of. The biggest issue on everyone’s lips was ‘How can I charge my phone and listen to music at the same time?’ ? Well, honestly, I can’t think of anytime in the life of the iPhone that I have ever done both of them at once, but if that is a feature you feel you need, then I guess this isn’t the phone for you.

Did you know? ? The first use of an audio jack was in the 19th century, 1878 to be exact (I looked that up all by myself.)

Isn’t it about time we upgraded? Of course, there are those who say ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’. I’m all for the step forward.

OK, down to business. Aesthetically, it’s pretty similar to the iPhone 6 – no major changes outside a few new colours (I scooped up a matte black model.)

The iPhone 7 is also water resistant, which is not new in the mobile phone world, but it’s a bonus for Apple users.

The camera on the 7 Plus has received a major upgrade with dual lenses, a wide angle and a telephoto lens that shoot as one.

Here is a photo taken from the iPhone 7 Plus:


The new software version iOS10.0.1 is a nice little treat (iPhone users can upgrade to this version now), many new features to play with, including and upgraded iMessage app, new-look maps and news service. 


The battery on the phone is expected to last longer than previous models, time will tell, and the processor is also twice as fast as the iPhone 6.

If you’re looking to upgrade, I wouldn’t say no to this phone, but it’s always good to note that in twelve months’ time, Apple will almost certainly release another one.