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The LinkedIn message that’s been called ‘offensive, misogynistic’

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A UK lawyer who complimented a young barrister on her ‘stunning’ LinkedIn picture has ignited debate on 3AW Drive.

Tom Elliott questioned whether it was inappropriate to compliment a woman on her appearance.

Charlotte Proudman named and shamed the 57-year-old who contacted her through the networking site for ‘unacceptable, misogynistic and sexist’ comments.


Human rights lawyer Charlotte Proudman hit back at Alexander Carter-Silk for this message

Melbourne author and feminist Michelle Hamer said Ms Proudman, despite her skills and qualifications, was reduced to her physical appearance.

‘I think the better question is, isn’t he going too far in treating a professional social media platform like a dating website?’

‘I think the issue is that this was the first approach by a complete stranger on a professional networking site.

‘In his first approach he failed to make any professional comments at all.’

Tom Elliott said he thought it was a ‘fairly innocuous’ message but Ms Hamer said the lawyer was gushing like a schoolboy.

She said it was nonsense that men didn’t know when they should compliment a woman.

‘I don’t think we should say ‘Oh it’s not ok to give women compliments, oh women are all feminists’,’ she said.

‘In context of course you can give a woman a compliment.’

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