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The Melbourne Theatre Company’s latest production takes a look into the world of Frank Hardy, a faith healer.

The Melbourne Theatre Company’s latest production takes a look into the world of Frank Hardy, a faith healer.

The story is told through four monologues delivered by three intimately linked characters, all who give a slightly different version of events taking place over the course of 20 years around rural Scotland, Wales and Ireland, as they travelled with Frank Hardy on the road. 

Speaking on 3AW Afternoons, actor Colin Friels said the plays director Judy Davis, who is also his wife, is always happy to provide him with feedback at home.

‘I have moments where I get strips ripped off me, ‘If you think you can do that when you get back on stage, you have another thing coming’.’

Faith Healer is on until the 8th April 2017 at Southbank Theatre, The Sumner. For more information visit

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