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Touting crackdown: Melbourne Airport’s message for travellers

The problem of touting at Melbourne Airport is escalating, with unregulated drivers using increasingly aggressive tactics.

Touting has become commonplace at the airport since it was removed as an offence in Victoria.

Chief of Parking and Ground Access at Melbourne Airport, Lorie Argus, urged travellers not to accept rides from touts.

“They can come into the car park just like any other customer, put on a suit and convince someone to get in their car,” she told 3AW Breakfast.

“They could be anybody.

“This is the point that we’ve been pleading to the public to consider.”

The airport has received hundreds of complaints about unregulated drivers, but the airport’s efforts to stamp out the practice have been unsuccessful.

“They must be continuing to come out because they’re getting business,” Ms Argus said.

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Image: Getty Images AsiaPac