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‘The message is not getting through’: The war on drugs is not being won 

The Director of Drug Policy Australia says Australia is behind the line when it comes drug reform policy.

According to the Australian Crime Intelligence Commission, in the 2017-18 financial year Australian police seized about 30.6 tonnes of illicit drugs – an average of 83 kilos a day.

Methamphetamine was listed as the most seized and consumed by Australians.

Greg Chipp, Director of Drug policy Australia argues that “criminalising, persecuting, prosecuting and vilifying” drug users only makes the problems worse.

“We need to take control of what is ultimately a health issue not a drug issue,” said Mr Chipp.

“Criminalising is not helping, It doesn’t stop people using it and it it creates a black market with enormous costs.

“It’s costing young people their futures.

“The message is not getting through.

“In Holland, where they have decriminalised cannabis decades ago, there are lower drug user rates than Australia and America.

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