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The moment cancer free Ciara surprised her mum on air to say thanks – then got surprised herself!

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It’s been an emotional morning at 3AW!

You may remember Ciara Nelson.

She had a seemingly innocent fall playing netball in June 2016, only for doctors to find an inoperable brain tumour when she went to get checked out.

Ciara and her family made the risky decision to try and remove the tumour, with neurosurgeon Charlie Teo taking on the job.

That’s when 3AW Mornings came to help, with generous listeners helping to raise the money required for the expensive surgery.

It worked.

Ciara got in touch with Neil Mitchell because she wanted to secretly surprise her mum Colleen to say thanks for all she’d done.

But Ciara didn’t know 3AW Mornings had another surprise planned…

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Below: Ciara pictured with her surgeon, Charlie Teo!

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