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The mystery doctor who discovered a man’s skin cancer on Melbourne train has been found

A mystery man who came to the rescue of another man by alerting him to a possibly cancerous mark on his left cheek has been found.

69-year-old Allen Lette says he was sitting on a train to Southern Cross last month when a fellow passenger suggested he get a check up on a 2 millimetre spot on his face.

The spot was stage one melanoma.

Mr Lette was on a mission to find the Good Samaritan to thank him, he spoke with 3AW Breakfast on Monday.

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The man in question has since come forward.

Dermatologist Dr Robin Marks tells 3AW Breakfast’s Justin and Kate, Allen was startled when he approached.

‘He was shocked because I came out of the blue and told him.

‘I didn’t say it was a Melanoma, I just told him he should have it looked at.’

Dr Marks says, ‘It’s always a difficult thing to do to know whether or not someone’s going to punch you in the face!’

Allen offered to take Dr Marks and his wife out for dinner in thanks.

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