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The new $60m program to help smart kids flourish

Teachers say a multi-million dollar program for gifted students is a “huge” step forward.

The $60 million Student Excellence Program will include intensive online lessons and face-to-face masterclasses, as well as excursions to universities and the CSIRO.

One in 10 Victorian students from grade 5 to year 8 will be enrolled.

The Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals told Ross and John high performing students are being held back by classmates.

“What we really are keen to do in schools is have resources to extend those students who are at the top of the learning spectrum ,” president Sue Bell said on 3AW Breakfast.

“In any one class you’ll have a spread of students, and sometimes those students at the top get left while you help those students who are struggling.”

Ms Bell said she expects all students to benefit from helping gifted students flourish.

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