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The new star on the food scene, but most of us don’t even know it

They’re being hailed as the new star of the health food scene.

But most Australians aren’t aware of the incredible nutritional benefits of hemp seeds, 3AW Afternoons nutritionist Karen Inge says.

“Some research has just come out about Australians’ attitudes towards hemp and a lot of Australians were concerned if you eat hemp seeds you might have similar affects to smoking marijuana,” she told Denis Walter.

“They are a very good source of protein and contain all of the essential amino acids.”

She suggested eating the hemp seeds as a snack, using them in a smoothie or sprinkling them on cereal of a morning.

Northern River Hemp Association president Andrew Kavasilas told Denis Walter the industry has come a long way since hemp seeds were legalised for consumption last year and started appearing on supermarket shelves.

“What really was the driving force behind it is its superior nutritional benefits and taste,” he said.

“Only six per cent of Australians were aware that hemp foods have many nutritional benefits.”

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