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The ‘noise’ around halal certification in Australia

A recent inquiry into regulating the food labelling industry has renewed confusion and debate about halal certification.

In a report to be aired on Four Corners tonight, ABC journalist Geoff Thompson investigates where the money goes and why the anti-halal movement is convinced it funds terror groups.

‘Halal certification is big in Australia at the moment,’ Thompson told Tom Elliott.

‘We have managed to establish at least 80 per cent of the chicken processed in Australia comes from halal certified plants.

‘Less than five per cent of that is exported.’

Vegemite, Weetbix, Cadbury’s chocolates and Kelloggs cereals are all halal certified.

Thompson said it was fair to say most Australian consumers ‘didn’t care’ either way, but the issue had certainly attracted fierce debate in recent months.

Earlier this year, Senator Cory Bernardi initiated an inquiry into food labelling and said Australians had the right to know if their meat was halal or kosher.

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie said she believed ‘halal money’ funds ISIL.

The report will be on ABC’s Four Corners program at 8.30pm tonight.

Listen: Geoff Thompson explains his investigative report