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The octopus that stole the GoPro has given it back!

A scuba diver who was robbed of her GoPro by an octopus been reunited with the lost footage.

Alanah Kilner was diving off Blairgowrie in March when the eight-tentacled thief reached out and grabbed the camera, which was still recording.

She told Ross and John about her encounter, and revealed it’s possibly not the first time 1.5-metre long thief has struck!

Over the weekend another diver, Kathy found the GoPro still in the octopus’ grasp under the Blairgowrie pier. 

Kathy tugged on the GroPro strap, eventually freeing it from the octopus’ tentacles. 

In the footage you can see a tentacle appear and the octopus grabs the camera, taking it into it’s hole. 

Alanah says ‘Kathy didn’t know about what happened and had to research the story to find me’ .

WATCH the moment the octopus stole Alanah’s camera below

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