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The one person who could be in line for a “huge apology” over Lawyer X scandal

Neil Mitchell says there’s one person who was heavily involved in police operations during the Lawyer X scandal, who could be in line for a “huge apology”.

The Herald Sun reports today former Deputy Commissioner Sir Ken Jones raised the issues at very high levels, and soon after, his career abruptly ended.

Neil Mitchell also said Former Chief Commissioner Simon Overland has many questions to answer over his role in the scandal.

“Now I am not a fan of Simon Overland,” Neil said.

“He’s certainly not a fan of mine.

“It (the scandal and subsequent royal commission) will end careers.

“Mistakes have been made here and warnings have been ignored, and I’m beginning to think one man in particular might be owed a huge apology.

“Sir Ken was effectively marched out of the force, a very respected and effective policeman had his career arguably destroyed.”

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“There was something behind this bitter dispute which never did add up,” Neil said.

“Sir Ken had his integrity questioned and he left the country.

“I think he might be first in line for a full apology.”