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THE PARKER METHOD: Interview with veteran Aussie director David Parker


THE PARKER METHOD: Director David Parker reflects on his new comedy The Menkoff Method and on the 30th anniversary of the Aussie classic Malcolm.

When Malcolm exploded onto the screen in 1986 director Nadia Tass and her producer/cinematographer/screenwriter partner David Parker became household names.

This quirkly comedy about an ingenious man-child (Colin Friels) who teams up with two petty crooks (John Hargreaves & Lindy Davies) and uses his bizarre inventions to rob ban played to huge audiences and attracted a lot of American attention.

Rather than stay here to make films, Tass & Parker rode the wave of success to America, where they made the Martin Short comedy Pure Luck. Not a much-loved film but a successful one, the couple set up a local studio space and alternated between local and US productions.

Your attention please: Workplace expert Menkoff (Noah Taylor) with colleague.

Your attention please: Workplace expert Menkoff (Noah Taylor) with colleague.

Among their most notable credits are the Aussie films The Big Steal (1990), Amy (1997), Matching Jack (2010) and Mr Reliable (1996), with the division of labour typically having Tass as producer & director and Parker as writer, cinematographer & producer.

The Menkoff Method is the third film Parker has directed, after Hercules Returns (1993) and Diana & Me (1997).

The film tells of a Russian workplace expert (Noah Taylor) who employs unorthodox methods to help a struggling bank branch.

In this lively two-part interview, Parker explains why he has gone back to directing after 20 years and reflects on how longevity in the Australian film industry does not make the process of filmmaking any easier.

He also reflects on unfulfilled ambitions and offers some advice in a new segment called ‘Letters to a Young Filmmaker’.

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