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The politics of flags: Edgington calls for Eureka protection

Secretary of Ballarat Trades Hall Brett Edgington said that the Eureka flag should not be a registered symbol of a political party.

This comes after the federal Labor Member for Ballarat Catherine King said that she will introduce a private member’s bill to protect the flag from being misused.

The Australia First Party, which is known for its policies against immigration, has been given permission by the Australian Electoral Commission to use it.

Mr Edgington says that as a union representative with historic connection, it is appropriate that the Ballarat Trades Hall flies the Eureka flag. 

‘I think the difference here is that they’re actually seeking to formally register it ? now if you or I went out to register the Australian flag as a political logo we’d be knocked back,’ Mr Edgington told Tom Elliott.

‘Rejection to the actual registration and especially by a party that spreads fear and xenophobia.’

The Eureka flag was first raised in Ballarat on Bakery after miners revolted against an undemocratic government.

While the Chinese and Aboriginals were not included in the Eureka, Mr Edgington says the flag is an important symbol of unity and democracy.

‘The miners, there were over 10,000 of them that were assembled when the flag was raised were from many, many national across the world? and I find it quite offensive that it’s being hijacked as a symbol of the nationalism.’