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The question Glenn Lazarus asked, and Malcolm Turnbull didn’t answer

While some have focused on what Glenn Lazarus ate before, during and after his dinner with Malcolm Turnbull, the Queensland senator this morning told Neil Mitchell about what the pair discussed.

And what they didn’t.

‘One of the questions I did ask Malcolm and got no result was ‘Why is it that muli-national companies can earn $5 billion in this country and not pay a cent in tax?’,’ he said.

He said characterisations of Mr Turnbull being arrogant were fair.

‘Last night I went there specifically to talk about Queensland issues,’ he said.

‘All he wanted to talk about was his acquaintances and fluffy stuff.

‘All he did was waffle, and I was really disappointed, to be honest.’

He also had his say on:

  • Clive Palmer
  • Adam Gilchrist’s potential political career
  • An early election
  • The possibility of a double dissolution.

Oh, and he got a Big Mac, fries and diet Coke on the way home from the Lodge.

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