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The reason this professor is so ‘optimistic’ about a COVID-19 vaccine

The University of Melbourne and Doherty Institute will get almost $3 million to develop two vaccine candidates that target COVID-19’s most potent weapon – spike proteins.

Professor Sharon Lewin, Director of the Doherty Institute, joined 3AW Breakfast to discuss the matter.

She was asked about her “confidence levels” of an effective vaccine being developed.

“I’d say at least three studies will definitely have the results if enrolment continues at the pace we’ve got,” Professor Lewin explained.

“The most important thing is knowing these vaccines are safe.”

She said she was very optimistic about that happening.

“We do know that everybody who gets infected with coronavirus can clear it,” Professor Lewin said.

“So we know the immune response is capable of clearing it, so now we just need to mimic that with a vaccine.”

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