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The republican movement has relaunched and Tom Elliott is underwhelmed – here’s why

The Australian Republic Movement has launched its new national strategy to push another republic referendum, much to the ire of 3AW’s Tom Elliott.

The new strategy involves a national consultation over the next 18 to 24 months to work out what kind of republic model would work for Australia.

Tom clashed with Sandy Biar, National Director of the Australian Republic Movement, calling him out for the lack of ideas in the group.

“It’s been almost 21 years since the republic referendum was lost in 1999, so you’ve had two decades to think about what sort of republic you want to push,” he argued.

“Why no ideas?”

The 3AW Drive host did not stop there, pointing out the dissent within the movement itself.

“You’ve have two decades to talk about it and between you and Peter Fitzsimons and various others, you all disagree on things,” Tom Elliott said.

Mr Biar responded by accepting he agrees with Tom, saying the movement has decided it is time they create common ground by understanding what the Australian people want.

“That’s what this national consultation is about,” he said.

“It is all about giving voters the certainty about what it is we are proposing.”

While Mr Briar insists a large amount of Australians would back a republic, the 3AW Drive host thinks too much is lacking in the debate, citing its previous failures in the 1999 referendum.

“In the republican movement, there’s enormous division over what the powers of a president will be,” he said as an example.

“I can see dozens of holes in these proposals and they haven’t worked them out.

“Be very suspicious.”

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